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About Us

E.W. Granites was established in 1990 to manufacture, import and wholesale monuments and memorials. The company specializes in colored granites.

There are approximately 5000 pieces in our Barre, VT warehouse which facilitates an efficient distribution to all monument dealers.


Granite Industry


E.W. Granite & Marble is having 25,000 Sq.Ft factory and showroom and discover for beautiful world of stones.

Working with state of the art stone fabrication facilities located in Farmington, CT 06032., one of the largest stone manufacturing and distribution center in the world, We import our own stones, have amazing equipment and customer service that’s hard to match and bring in world’s most popular granite, marble, travertine, limestone, sandstone, onyx and slates from Italy, Spain, Brazil, Turkey, India and other areas where yield natural stones suitable for building applications, to fabricate and produce a full line of finished and semi-finished stone products such as raw block, slab, blank, countertop, sink, floor tile, paver, wall tile and veneer.

Granite Cutter

Granite Cutter

As a leading stone fabricator specializing in custom marble fabrication and granite fabrication, our renovated stone processing equipments, along with superior workmanship plus decades of experience in marble fabrication and granite fabrication, ensure the quality of our productions meet the highest standards in the industry.


Quality Control

When selecting granite or marble, the long-term durability is a poignant factor. Depending on the area of use, it may also be subjected to harsh conditions and several of these stones are often used in one particular place. It is at this point that it becomes imperative the product used is of the highest quality.

Granite Marble Machines

Stone Machines

Total Quality Control is our system, which has been developed to implement continuing improvement. Our customer’s supports are an indication of our firm commitment to delivering reliable products, putting quality into place. Rigorous quality testing is carried out at every stage of production to ensure uniformity of quality across each and every piece of granite. This is particularly necessary, as no two pieces can be made identical. When you use our products, you are assured of life-long quality, with a touch of class.

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